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Baseball Cards Values

Any older people will remember the fad for collecting baseball cards and the significance it seemed to hold in a young life. Currently, although it is not quite as famous as the good old days, there are still some diehard collectors who will go to unthinkable lengths to get their favorite player. Indeed, perhaps the most popular, because, they are originals, are the Topps baseball cards which still are sold and bought even up to today. Although most of us would shock what anyone views in collecting something like this, those who are baseball cards values avid collectors are truly serious about the hobby? Some of the rarer varieties move hands at some extra special amount of cash. It is not unusual for some of them to go several 1000 dollars apiece, so this should show how vital some of them are. The more general specimens though are usually bartered or swapped at specific meets where all the lovers get together. One can be swapped for several lesser baseball cards pieces whereas the more precious pieces will attract cash on top of the deal too. Indeed, these seminars and meets is where the avid collectors will forever look for that best specimen to include to his collection. This is huge business for the suppliers too but who would have thought that so much cash would pass from hand to hand for some little item like this? This hobby is gaining in fame to the point where the fairs and trade shows are now traveling around the states selling these items exclusively. They are generally attended by 1000s of people all looking for the elusive player and families have gotten involved too. Some even make these unique pieces regular holiday or birthday gifts so that someone young will have something that got in value when they get older.

Baseball Cards Price guide

The easiest way to get the specific baseball card that is missing from a collection is through an online search. Simply search collectible sports or baseball cards until you find a specific one on sale. Since most people who become collectors generally communicate with each other through blogs and such basically if you look hard enough you will find the card you want at a good value. With the internet stretching so far and wide it is not very unusual to get taken advantage of by a rogue baseball card dealer who cheats people by selling certain baseball cards at value prices that are to good to be true and in many cases are and or by taking the money and then not supplying the baseball card or cards. When a rogue dealer is spotted, there name and reputation spread like around a wildfire and most collectors are usually warned. Anyway, as with all internet sales, check on the website fully before parting with your cash or other details. This could be someone looking to steal identities, with a private sale, as always buyer beware.

Baseball Card Values varies tremendously depending on numerous factors such as Rookie card, Hall of fame card, Year of the card manufacturer date(obviously the older the card the higher the value) this rule has a few exceptions suck as the late 1980s when Topps began to massively overproduce baseball cards which in turn dropped their baseball card values significantly for those years which are basically from 1986-1989 with 1987, 1988 and 1989 being the worst. Certain players such as Micky Mantle and Babe Ruth are probably the most popular baseball player of all times. Hence making their baseball cards some of the most sought after and highest values. Despite certain cards some would assume have an extremely high value, they are not the most valuable original Baseball Card Values on the market. Baseball Card values have continued to appreciate and are commonly seen circulating in the baseball card collecting community. Many Baseball Card Values can be very expensive, and you might have to tap into your bank account to be able to afford some of the higher end big money value cards.


baseball cards were often distributed with other products, such as chewing gum and other rare products some of which are unbelievably difficult find in today’s market. The initial purpose of baseball cards was to give fans a picture and profile of each players stats and to collect all-star cards and cards of your favorite team or player. Baseball card values have come a long way in the past few decades. The most valuable cards are very difficult to obtain and are usually part of someone’s personal collections. With that said there are still millions of cards stacked or packed away in attics, garages, basements and storage facilities throughout the country. This is a good reason to keep your eyes open for yard sales, estate sales or garages sales. If you look hard enough you are sure to find some high value baseball cards. The first Baseball Card for Babe Ruth was printed in 1914 and clearly has an extremely high value. It was printed when he was a minor league player with the Baltimore Orioles. This baseball card was the first baseball card manufactured of the pitching prospect. As per it’s value, this specific card was selling upwards of $500,00 10 years ago so I can’t imagine was the value is now but I’m sure it’s probably hit the million mark. A  baseball cards Value  mainly depends on the condition of the card. Baseball card collectors get very serious about the condition of cards they are seeking to purchase.