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 Upper Deck was at the forefront of Baseball Card Security techniques when it came to the growing issue of counterfeit cards. Counterfeit cards became more and more prevalent with the growth of personal computers and printers. Eventually in the 90s home printers were capable of printing double sided and camera quality photographs. With the right stock glossy paper counterfeiters were now capable of printing knock off cards at home. In 1990 Upper Deck Pioneered the first set of Baseball Cards with the implementation of Holograms on every card, making them extremely difficult if not impossible to copy. The Cards became in instant success and before long Topps and other Baseball card manufacturers followed suit and began adding their own security measures to protect their cards as well. It has since become an industry standard especially with autograph and relic cards.   

Upper Deck & Premium Cards and New anti-Counterfeiting features



Major League Baseball licensed Upper Deck to manufacturer their first set of baseball cards in 1990, and within 60 days Upper Deck developed and shipped out their first 2 cases of official Upper deck baseball cards to a Sports card Store in Oklahoma, After Their first shipment and through a strong presence of word in mouth advertising among baseball card collectors and hobbyist. Upper Deck Pre-Sold their entire printed inventory of baseball cards prior to the beginning of the year. Not only was upper Deck at the Forefront of anti counterfeiting security technology, but Upper Deck was also the baseball cards industries innovator in the concept of randomly placed authentic Autographed cards among certain packs. This new concept according to many collectors and experts brought the entire industry to a new level. These Autographed cards were mainly baseball superstars. .  All Upper Deck Cards including the regular non autographed cards were numbered and contained a security hologram logo making them very hard to counterfeit. .


This set was considered by many to be the first line of truly premium baseball cards and received the prestigious set of the year for their first 4 consecutive years of production. A man by the name of Paul Sumner developed the idea of premium cards with much stronger security features after learning of the widespread counterfeit problem plaguing the market. While in college he had studied the art of holograms and was currently involved in printing them on brochures for a business he was currently involved in. with.  He began to implement his idea by hiring an artist to create a design as well as a prototype for the basic card layout. After the first 3 years and an extremely impressive run, a new graphic arts team became involved to seemingly expand the creativity an continue a path of even more successful growth.  


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